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Helping Alaskans Find Freedom From Addiction

Addiction affects every almost every family in Alaska - but there is hope! We are here to help the community.


Dedicated to helping all Alaskans find freedom in their time of need.

About Aspire Alaska

Dedicated to offering the best addiction treatment available, Aspire Alaska employs a wide array of both traditional and alternative therapies. Our highly individualized and unique programs will treat patients from the ground up, assessing the underlying causes of their addiction and treating them accordingly. Contact us today to begin your new life!


Many drug and alcohol users cannot see the consequences of their using objectively. They need the loving concern of friends and family members to open their eyes before they can accept that they truly need help. Our intervention programs will help you raise your chances of success and get them into treatment before it’s too late.

Why Choose Aspire?

Expert Medical Supervision

Our approach to treatment is founded on medical expertise and experience. Ensure that the treatment you find is supervised by the best medical clinicians and licensed therapists.

Take Control of Your Life

The Aspire Health Network is committed to restoring the lives of our patients. Every person has the right to a life without the bondage of addiction. Take the first step and call today!

Don't Face Addiction Alone

Addiction can be overcome, and it starts by connecting with the professionals that can assist you. Get the best possible help for yourself or your loved one. Freedom is within reach!