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Who Are We?

Aspire Alaska grew from a larger network of California-based addiction treatment facilities dedicated to providing help where it is most needed. Seeing the extent to which many addicts and alcoholics in Alaska suffered as a result of their condition, we decided to channel our strong sense of commitment into the development of a new facility. Today, we work to help all struggling addicts in Alaska find help and a second chance at life.

Our Mission

The population of individuals who battle substance use disorder in Alaska totals tens of thousands. Currently, less than 11% of those who suffer receive the support they need to recover. Overdose rates, criminal activity and economic losses have been rising for years as a result of the need for better access to treatment. Aspire Alaska aims to fill the void. We combine traditional approaches to therapy with alternative and holistic treatments to develop individualized plans for every suffering Alaskan. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best treatment possible so that every addict who graduates our program may achieve long-term success in recovery.