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Cold weather is actually one of the top benefits of recovering in Alaska addiction treatment centers.

Like many states, Alaska struggles with rates of alcohol and drug addiction that exceed national averages. Alaska addiction treatment facilities work hard to counteract these numbers, and many individuals now boast months or even years of continuous sobriety. When they first enter recovery, some of these individuals may find choosing an Alaska treatment program somewhat difficult. Nonetheless, they recognize the benefits of recovering in Alaska and become willing to make the right choice. Those who wish to follow in their footsteps and begin an honest journey toward recovery should consider these benefits carefully, as well as the benefits of seeking out-of-state care.

Benefits of Alaska Addiction Treatment

Those who seek Alaska addiction treatment will find that many benefits of recovering in Alaska pertain to the very geographical location of the state itself. Out-of-state patients might hesitate to enter an Alaska drug rehab for the sake of avoiding the cold weather. Likewise, Alaskan residents may become eager at the prospect of recovery further south where they can enjoy the warm, sunny weather. Colder states such as Alaska, however, can prove beneficial to certain types of substance users. More specifically, the cold weather can help opioid addicts who suffer from chronic pain.

A practice known as whole-body cryotherapy hints at the potential for colder temperatures to play a role in pain management. According to the Harvard Health Letter, exposure to freezing temperatures can raise norepinephrine levels in the bloodstream. Norepinephrine plays many roles in the nervous system, with pain suppression included among them. Naturally, these benefits may not apply to those who suffer from pain related to arthritis or other joint issues. Nonetheless, they are worth considering if your pain originates elsewhere.

Looking past chronic pain sufferers, the benefits of recovering in Alaska addiction treatment may extend to all individuals due to the proximity of the coast. Ocean air tends to carry high concentrations of negative ions, as do mountainous and forested regions. Not only do negative ions potentially boost the body’s necessary vitamins to improve overall health, but many believe they can also help treat depression. Those who suffer from depression, anxiety and other co-occurring disorders may find a bit of relief in Alaska drug rehab as they breathe in the wintry, ocean breeze.

Benefits of Recovering in Another State

Alaskan substance users may already know the benefits of recovering in Alaska, yet may still wish to seek treatment elsewhere. Entering treatment in your home state can prove difficult, especially if you enter a long-term program that includes outpatient services and possible residence at a sober living home when you are done with inpatient treatment. During this time, it will be necessary to remain abstinent and continue working a program of recovery as you adjust to a life of greater freedom. Unfortunately, seeking Alaska addiction treatment close to home will only complicate the process.

Long-term treatment programs work hard to provide relapse prevention therapy, teaching clients to remain strong in the face of triggers. However, those who have lived and used in Alaska for years will find triggers on every street corner. If they find themselves thinking about drinking or doing drugs, they know exactly which bars are closest and which dealers they can call. Some people never even make it to Alaska addiction treatment for these same reasons. Alaska drug rehabs often put clients on waiting lists due to high intake rates, and remaining abstinent while awaiting an admission date will not be easy for many addicts and alcoholics.

More than anything, many addicts and alcoholics simply find themselves more able to thrive in a new atmosphere. Despite the benefits of recovering in Alaska drug rehab or Alaska alcohol rehab, out-of-state care provides the feeling that you are truly starting a new life. The choice is up to you either way; however, those who feel torn may wish to seek assistance in making their final decision.

Finding the Best Alaska Drug Rehab

Aspire Health Network can assist you in finding a treatment center that will fulfill your needs. Not only are we intimately familiar with the benefits of recovering in Alaska, but we offer many of these same benefits in our California addiction treatment centers. Our Oceanview Treatment Center may not offer the benefits of cold weather, but you’ll reap the benefits of negative ions as you participate in beachside therapeutic activities alongside your usual regimen of individual and group therapy. If you’re looking to escape your old environment and begin a new life, Oceanview is the perfect place for you.

For more information on both Alaska addiction treatment and out-of-state options, contact us today at (844) 272-0370. We will provide you with any and all resources you need to decide on the best recovery center for you.

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