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There are ways you can help your family member through their Alaska relapse.

What is an Alaska Relapse?

An Alaska relapse happens when an addict has become sober for a period of time, and then begins using a substance again.  Living with a family member who has an addiction problem is one of the most difficult things to deal with. There are many tough stages an addict goes through, but the loved ones of the addict end up suffering just as much.

Whether they use you for money, lie to you, or take advantage of your relationship, it becomes very difficult and draining.  But despite all that, one of the hardest parts of helping a loved one through addiction, is when they relapse in Alaska. Perhaps they have been sober for days, months, or even years, but they relapse and return to their old way of life out of the blue.  It feels like all of the progress you have made with your loved one has gone out the window. But that is not the case! Most people who eventually achieve long-term sobriety, must go through an Alaska relapse several times.

Why an Alaska Relapse isn’t as Bad as it Seems

When our loved one relapses in Alaska, it feels like the worst thing in the world. However, the majority of people who find complete freedom from drugs and alcohol have to first go through one or more relapses. The chances of successful treatment increases dramatically after someone goes through a relapse. For many people, they must learn what it is like to relapse, and the negative effects of that choice. Substance abuse treatment is a long-term process and a relapse helps a person realize what they are giving up if they decide to stray from sobriety.

Family Members’ Response to Alaska Relapse

Most addiction battles last months and years, and no one understands that better than the loved ones of the addict. After finally getting a loved one into treatment, it is devastating when they relapse in Alaska and have to start back at square one. But don’t give up! This is one of the most pivotal points in an addict’s life. How you respond in this situation will greatly affect their chances of freedom from addiction.

It is absolutely vital that you continue to show them love and support. While it may feel like they need tough love, cutting them off, getting angry at them, or shaming them will only add to the problem. Remember that most people will relapse in Alaska multiple times before reaching lifelong sobriety. This is an important step for them and they need a support system. It is not fair to the loved ones, but addiction never is. Sticking by them in such a tough time is crucial for their success.

Remember, Alaska relapse can happen to ANYONE. If they are lucky enough to have a loved one who sticks by them through their Alaska relapse, they have a much higher chance of successful recovery.

Alaska Relapse Help – What Now?

If you or your loved one needs help after an Alaska relapse, our compassionate team at Aspire Alaska can help. We have helped many families in Alaska find freedom from drugs and alcohol after a relapse. Our medical expertise, and professional counselors have the passion and experience to ensure you get the best Alaska relapse help available. Call us today at (844) 278-2919 and speak with someone who has personal experience overcoming addiction.