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Alaska addiction economic costs affect everybody who lives in the state.

Alaska Addiction Treatment | Economic Impact of Addiction in Alaska

Alaska addiction treatment facilities work hard to help patients on an individual basis, doing what they can every day to lessen the state’s growing problem with substance dependency. Despite their efforts, however, Alaska addiction statistics continue to return problematic figures. Even worse, a 2016 report on Alaska addiction economic costs and a similar report on alcoholism costs… Read More »

Cold weather is actually one of the top benefits of recovering in Alaska addiction treatment centers.

Addiction Treatment | Benefits of Recovering in Alaska

Like many states, Alaska struggles with rates of alcohol and drug addiction that exceed national averages. Alaska addiction treatment facilities work hard to counteract these numbers, and many individuals now boast months or even years of continuous sobriety. When they first enter recovery, some of these individuals may find choosing an Alaska treatment program somewhat difficult.… Read More »

Alaska addiction statistics suggest that many Alaskans are currently in need of professional help

Alaska Addiction Statistics | How Common Are Drugs in Alaska?

Despite the widespread nature of alcohol and drug addiction, rates of substance use disorder and overdose death vary from one state to another. No two states experience addiction in precisely the same manner. When choosing an Alaska treatment program, prospective patients must ensure they receive treatment at a facility that understands the nature of addiction as… Read More »

bottle of Xanax addiction Anchorage, Alaska

Xanax Addiction Anchorage, Alaska | Other Drugs Used by Xanax Addicts

Throughout Anchorage and many other areas of Alaska, residents have become plagued by prescription drug addiction. Prescription drug abuse can occur both in cases where normal medical use has spiraled out of control or among recreational users. Benzodiazepines, especially Xanax, are one of the most commonly abused in the category of prescription drugs. This central… Read More »

There is help available for those struggling with an Alaska meth addiction.

Alaska Meth Addiction | What is Tweaking? The 7 Stages of Meth Addiction

Many non-users assume that the term “tweaker” refers to the meth addict’s tendency toward erratic, high-energy behaviors. While this is not entirely far from the truth, the term more specifically refers to a condition known as “tweaking.” Due to the prevalence of Alaska meth addiction, it is a condition known all too well across the… Read More »