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bottle of Xanax addiction Anchorage, Alaska

Throughout Anchorage and many other areas of Alaska, residents have become plagued by prescription drug addiction. Prescription drug abuse can occur both in cases where normal medical use has spiraled out of control or among recreational users. Benzodiazepines, especially Xanax, are one of the most commonly abused in the category of prescription drugs. This central nervous system suppressant in particular has calming and sedative characteristics that make it very easy for the average stressed out person to misuse, leading to a full blown Xanax addiction Anchorage, Alaska.

Recreational use of Xanax is prominent as well as it is far too easily attainable for illicit purchase in Anchorage. Not only does Xanax addiction Anchorage, Alaska have many risks attached to it, but the combination of Xanax and other substances can have a high potential of leading to fatal results. The euphoria produced by this benzodiazepine has made it a drug of choice for many tormented by prescription drug addiction. With the overdose rate as high as it is nationwide, it is evident that a serious problem is at hand for those who suffer from drug dependence.

Other Drugs Commonly Used With Xanax

Aside from the potential danger of combining it with other drugs, a benzodiazepine such as Xanax is often prescribed along with another opiate, such as oxycodone. This is a controversial topic because such a combination increases the chances of abuse and addiction. The interaction the human body experiences with both medications can be enticing due to the enhanced effects of both drugs for the user. The high experienced from the interaction of this mix makes it recurrent for recreational users that are addicted to Xanax as well.

Another very common substance for those in Anchorage who are physically and mentally dependant on Xanax is alcohol. With alcohol, the same results occur as seen in the mixture of Xanax and opiates. The user experiences an intense high from both substances that is very alluring.

The DEA Drugs of Abuse Resource Guide highlights that Xanax abuse is also very common amongst heroin and cocaine users. For those susceptible to combining Xanax with substances such as alcohol or opiates, the danger involved is nearly inevitable. No matter how much awareness is involved with their use, there is no saying when or how much it will take for a fatal overdose to occur.

Dangers of Abusing Xanax and Other Substances

Despite the potential for abuse that is attached to Xanax, it is relatively safe when taken as prescribed. Even for those who do not abuse their prescription, it is very dangerous to combine alcohol with Xanax because both substances are depressants. These substances have sedative outcomes, and if a person becomes overly sedated there is a very high chance of overdose. As a central nervous system suppressant, Xanax slows respiratory function so to combining it with alcohol may lead to potentially fatal respiratory failure.

This same danger applies to opiates as well which produce a sedative reaction that is very similar to the one seen in mixing Xanax and alcohol.. In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 30% of overdoses involving opiates also involved benzodiazepines like Xanax.

More often than not, this prescription drug is used strictly for the euphoric high attached to its effects. With that being said, the combination of Xanax with either an opiate or alcohol can be deadly. The effects from both substances combined leaves an individual with a greater chance of an overdose that they may never recover from.

Xanax Addiction Anchorage, Alaska Treatment

For a person who is struggling with a drug dependency, there is help readily available throughout Alaska, including Anchorage specifically, and even out of the state. The Aspire Treatment Center in Huntington, California offers substance abuse and mental health dual diagnosis treatment for those in need.

If you or a loved one are suffering with a Xanax addiction Anchorage, Alaska, it is time to break the vicious cycle and reach out for help. You have a chance to recover and once again live a life without the heavy chains of addiction. Aspire Health Network has all of the necessary programs and therapies to break free from addiction and recreate your life. Do not face this alone. Contact us today at (844)-278-2919 and get the help you need to experience freedom.

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